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Proofs : Chadrayaan-I Scare, E'quack India-Iran, Parliament Security Breach , Terror attack...

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As per my anticipations in previous posts some of them come true.

1. Mission Chandrayaan - I was not a perfect launch (as mentioned in all my previous post of trouble to this mission) although it has reached Earth's Parking Orbit (Congs. ISRO for this success ) but read this article.

(Source : ,

When the Moon Mission had a major scare

October 23, 2008 00:47 IST

A "small" fuel spill mishap when the Polar rocket with the Chandrayaan-I spacecraft atop was being fuelled created a near "scare" during the final countdown for the launch of India's maiden unmanned moon mission, ISRO Chief Madhavan Nair said.

This was revealed by Nair who earlier in the day spoke of how space scientists at the Sriharikota spaceport faced an "ordeal" after rains pounded the area and surrounding parts for nearly five days.

"Yesterday, we had a small mishap during filling operation when some of the fuel spilled over from one of the courses of the ground system and this created almost a scare," Nair said.

The ISRO chief also said launch personnel had to clear the "pad" and then carry out repairs before proceeding with the blast-off preparations.

"We had to take a tough decision as to how much of fuel had to be loaded, how much as to be unloaded and number of operations to be carried out simultaneously which we have never done earlier," he said.

"We lost 10 hours in the countdown yesterday due to inclement weather and almost lost the hope of making the launch. But working against all odds ISRO team has won the game," Nair said. North-East monsoon usually peaks over the eastern coast around this time of the year.

"It was an ordeal and never before we had such horrible weather just ahead of the launch date," he added.

I am continuously warn again and again about the threat to this mission, finally it comes true.

2. E' Quack in India Posted on Dt. Oct. 21, 2008, it comes true in Himachal Pradesh 4.3 quack in India as well as in 2 Iran. (also mentioned Iran). More powerful quacks will struck the regions again. (U.S.G.S. Data)

MAP 4.3 2008/10/21 15:09:12 31.615 77.331 35.4 HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA
MAP 4.8 2008/10/21 14:24:00 26.700 54.960 14.1 SOUTHERN IRAN
MAP 4.7 2008/10/21 13:03:01 26.580 54.910 14.1 SOUTHERN IRAN

3. Parliament Security Breached about threat to Parliament in posts Dt. Oct. 3, 2008. A helicopter flew over the Parliament in no fly zone on Oct. 22, 2008

4. Commando Training Centre Attacked Dt. Oct. 21, 2008 (Warned of Army Training Camp, Blasts in many cities in my various previous posts e.g. Dt. Oct. 09 and Sept 28, 2008)

Manipur blast leaves 17 dead, 30 injured
Statesman News Service

IMPHAL, Oct. 21: At least 17 people were killed and at least 30 injured, when a bomb went off near the Manipur police commando complex at Minuthong in Imphal this evening . The bomb, suspected to have been planted on a moped, went off around 7.30 p.m.

5. Violence in many parts of country (Violence in various parts of Maharashtra & Bihar Dt. 21/22 and 23 Oct. 2008) posted on Dt. Sept. 29, 2008). Anticipation of Raj's arrest was done by me on June 19, 2008 which comes true on Oct. 21, 2008.

I had again received some instructions about military developments in neighbor state i.e. Pakistan. It was movement of armed trucks & missiles, which I had noticed in last 2-3 days so Indian agencies needs to keep at high alert also what Barack Obama speaks about Pakistan's preparations against India was anticipated by me in much advanced.

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