Monday, October 27, 2008

Alert : Air Disasters & Terrorism...

Dear Friends,

The inputs in last 2 days indicates various Air Disasters and Terror Strikes across the world in next few days , so aviation security must be raised to high level. Hijack attempts can be done in this period.

1. Hyderabad should be kept at high alert. Dt. 26/10/2008

2. Suicide bombing at airport premises, airport vehicles like buses in Pakistan's premier cities Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. High casualty results. Dt. 27/10/2008

3. Collision of planes is possible again on runways. Dt. 27/10/2008

4. 2-3 planes may be fired/bombed on ground after hijacking or accident. Dt . 27/10/2008

These alerts (3 & 4) are of world level but the probability of occurrence is most likely in South Asian Region. So keep concern agencies related to aviation industry needs to kept them at high alert for next 15-20 days.

Oil prices below $35 for next 3-5 months,

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