Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alert : Rail Bridges, Laloo... Proof : Lahore Part II, Bangalore Theater, Dalai Lama

Dear Friends,

Our earlier anticipations come true again as...

1. Terror Attack in Lahore Police Training School on 30/03/2009 and a live Bomb has been recovered in a Theater in Bangalore on 31/03/2009 ( we anticipated on Feb 20,2009 the following

1. Terrorists are Planning Mumbai Part 2 under the name of Taliban (Installations being identified similar pattern hostage taking same drama but with new installations). Dt. 07-01-2009 to 20-02-2009

{ 2 attacks in Lahore in same manner First on Sri Lankan Cricket Team and Second on Police Training Centre , Lahore}

2. Malls / Theaters / Hotels / Hospital and busy streets / Strategic Institutes are on cross hairs. Taking Hostage
is the main action plan. Dt. 14 & 20/02/2009

{Bomb Recovered in Bangalore Theater}

2. The Chinese hacker groups had entered computers of various embassies and collected the information about Tibetan Leader HE' Dalai Lama (we had anticipated on March 09,2009

1. Security of HE Dalai Lama, LK Advani and Nitish Kumar should be increased. Dt. 03/03/2009

We recommend security increased to SPG level for him as Pakistani Militants could harm him.

3. Two terrorists
arrested in Mumbai with huge ammunitions on 29/03/2009.. {as we repeatedly giving warnings for Mumbai Part II}

4. Intercepts has been found about instructions to the terrorist for attacking leaders during next Lok Sabha Elections, on 31/03/2009 { We had alerted first for leaders to have security threat during elections, on this portal}

We had received instructions based on them we suggest increased security for Railway Bridges specially on Trunk Routes in Bihar , West Bengal connecting major cities of India, also for Rajdhani Express trains. Laloo Prasad Yadav should be careful during election campaigns in next Lok Sabha Elections. Dt. 30/03/2009

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alert : Communal Voilence Proof : North Korea Twin Missiles, Discovery Retruns

Dear Friends,

NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery safely returns from its mission to ISS on 28/03/2009 at Florida after facing various threats during its recent mission STS-119 as anticipated earlier by us on 16/01/2009. (Mission Delayed 5 time and for a period of 1 month, Leak in Fuel Tank, Threat of collision with Debris when docked with ISS )

North Korea is going to launch 2 types of missile which are capable to strike US west coast (California Region). Now media speculates about two type of missile one long range and other short range (it was first assumed to only single long range missile). We had anticipated this launch to US / UK / Indian experts on 07/04/2008. (before this portal starts)

In a message dated 07/04/2008 19:51:02 GMT Standard Time,

1. I saw two types of missiles in North Korea (One Long range and other Intermediate Range) which are having new type of design, and they fired towards US. Dt. 06/04/2008

North Korea may also launch midrange missile

Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:28pm EDT

TOKYO, March 29 (Reuters) - North Korea is preparing to launch a close- to mid-range ballistic missile separately from the long-range missile that Pyongyang has said it will launch next month, the Sankei Japanese daily reported on Sunday.

The secluded state may fire the close- to mid-range missile shortly after the long-range missile is launched, the paper said, quoting unnamed Japanese government sources.

The report come as Pyongyang is poised launch a communications satellite between April 4-8 that regional powers believe will actually be a test of a long-range missile, the Taepodong-2, which is already believed to be on its launch pad.

North Korea has given international agencies notice that the rocket's planned trajectory should take it over Japan, dropping booster stages to its east and west. Any attempt to shoot the rocket itself down would be an act of war, it has said.

Japan deployed two ballistic missile destroyers to the Sea of Japan on Saturday to intercept any dangerous debris in the event that the controversial missile launch planned by North Korea goes wrong. (Reporting by Yuzo Saeki; Editing by David Fox)

We had instructions of increased communal tension in India during Lok Sabha elections, hence Govt. Agencies should keep vigil on anti social elements. Dt. 27/03/2009

We will post Poll Results of Lok Sabha - 2009 after final polling over and before official declaration of Poll results by Election commission of India.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Alert : 9/11 part II, Naxalites,Dr. MM Joshi Proof : Startfor followed us..Volcano Alaska

Dear Friends,

As we had anticipate for more 26/11 type attacks in India specially during elections, a leading US intelligence giant "Stratfor" followed us in the same manner (as Indian Agencies rely on our advices published in Indian Media), also IPL moving out of India was also our achievement as our confidential trend analysis report on Intelligence had forced Indian govt. to shift the IPL venue from India.

We had following inputs in last few days...

1. Another 9/11 type terror attack could be possible in next few months (9/11 Part II) but the target is not G20 Summit in London in April , 1009 but it could possibly in US. (based on our latest inputs on terrorism). Dt. 23/03/2009

2. Naxalites may blow up a Railway Bridge, possibly on Delhi - Howrah, Mumbai - Howrah trunk Routes. Dt. 23/03/2009

3. Security threat
to Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. Dt. 24/03/2009

Another terror attack in India 'inevitable', warns US think tank

Thu, Mar 26 01:13 PM

Washington, March 26 (IANS) A major 26/11 type terror attack is 'inevitable' in India as it braces for general elections in April-May even though the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament has been moved to South Africa for security fears, warns a leading US strategic think tank.

Stratfor, which calls itself 'the world leader in global intelligence', said: 'Despite the decisions, the Islamist militant threat to India remains.'

The Indian security apparatus is already bracing for another major attack, Stratfor said.

It said it had 'received indications early on from Indian security sources that the IPL tournament was a prime target for another large-scale Islamist militant operation following the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.'

Shifting the IPL tournament to South Africa gives the Indians more forces to secure the country for the national elections, but this does not necessarily mean that the threat level during this time period has subsided.

We had successfully anticipated Mumbai - 26/11 attacks 3 months in advance not by other International agency (proofs accepted by CIA & Mossad ) but Indian Talent is not talent until signed by West.

I hope our advices are now widely accepted by expert community across the world. Another volcano erupts in Alaska (Mount Redoubt, Anticipated for increased Volcanic activities on this portal on Feb. 26,2009. Can Stratfor or CIA forecast it ? )

The volcano has been erupting staring Sunday night March 22, 2009, sending an ash cloud an estimated 50,000 feet into the air. The Ash cloud is expected to reach the Susitna Valley including Talkeetna, and Willow about 90 miles north of Anchorage. (AP Photo/ Alaska Volcano Observatory / U.S. Geological Survey )

The possibility of a new N. Korean ICBM Missile Taepodong-2 going to be test fired in next few days was anticipated by us before US spy satellite could have reached its secret launch pad to Photograph it in N. Korea. The missile can easily reach California from N. Korea.

With Regards,


Monday, March 23, 2009

Alert : LS-2009 Proof: Threat to Discovery STS -119 & ISS, Plane Crash in Japan & US Volcano Tonga...

Dear Friends,

The anticipation regarding threat to space mission Discovery STS -119 and ISS come true again while space debris come closer to both crafts.

Volcanic Explosion in Tonga (accompanied a 7.9 Quack), Anticipated on Feb. 26, 2009

Air Crash in Narita, Japan & Montana, US on March 23, 2009 , Anticipated by us for various Aviation and Space disaster specially in Feb. March 2009 period on Jan 16,2009, a Helicopter also crashed in UP, India on the same day.

NASA: Shuttle Discovery forced to dodge space debris

4-inch piece of Chinese satellite was on track to pass too close to Discovery, space station

March 22, 2009 (Computerworld) Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station this afternoon maneuvered the connected crafts to avoid a piece of space debris that is hurtling toward them.

The maneuver should keep the connected vehicles safely away from the space junk, which NASA officials believed was on track to cross the orbiter's path while astronauts were making their scheduled spacewalk on Monday. NASA feared that the debris could have forced it to postpone the spacewalk.

This is the third time in little more than a week that space junk has come close enough to the space station to pose a potential risk to the crew and the orbiter. The space station crew was on alert early last week before a 4-inch piece of a defunct Russian satellite ultimately flew harmlessly by on Tuesday morning. And then late the week before, the two U.S. astronauts and one Russian cosmonaut abourd the station were forced to seek shelter in the attached Soyuz TMA-13 Capsule when a piece of an old rocket motor came too close for comfort.

The space shuttle Discovery, which is on a 14-day mission, docked with the space station last Tuesday.

Today, at 4:31 p.m. EDT, the astronauts completed the latest maneuver, which is designed to slow the two attached crafts enough to avoid the latest approaching debris, which NASA describes as a 4-inch piece of a Chinese satellite. NASA reported that ground control had the crew maneuver the two so that Discovery is in front of the space station as they travel through space. "Discovery and the station will stay in this orientation long enough for the natural drag to slow the stack by about a foot per second, estimated to take three hours," said NASA in an online report.

NASA also noted that without doing this maneuver, the piece of space junk would have crossed the shuttle-station orbit repeatedly for several days. The first time it approached the orbiter would have been about two hours into Monday's scheduled spacewalk.

Earlier today, the NASA crew aboard the space shuttle Discovery got some downtime to prepare for their third space walk tomorrow.

This is what we had anticipated on Jan. 16, 2009,

The space shuttle Discovery is arrived at Launch Pad on 15/01/2009 for its next space mission STS - 119 on 12/02/2009, we had received some specific instructions that the upcoming mission of Space Shuttle Discovery may have to face serious troubles while return back to Earth, the crew may face problem in Maneuvering the shuttle and it may have to land in unfrinedly conditions and may have to land at some new locations too... so NASA should give special instruction to the crew to prevent some disaster during the mission.

Is US President and NASA hearing us ?

IPL is finally moved out of India, a good news for our security agencies but politicians in India are upset due to huge economical loss during elections.

We request Indian agencies to be at full alert as notification issued for next Lok Sabha Elections LS - 2009.

With Regards,


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alert : Communal Tension during Elections Proof : Threat to Dam, VVIPs on alert...

Dear Friends,

As per our previous anticipation related to security threat to Dams in India (Dt. 14/03/2009), Indian agencies issued an warning of probable threat to Bhakhra Nangal Dam in India, also our forewarning of threat to VVIPs in India during elections is taken seriously by Home Ministry as H.M. P. Chidambaram himself gives various warnings to politician to be more careful during their election rallies. SPG also issued the alert notice on this issue.

Terror threat to Bhakra Nangal Dam?

Times now3/18/2009 7:22:49 PM

Central security agencies have alerted the Director General of Police (DGP) of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the possibility of an terror strike on dams, particularly the Bhakra Nangal project, with the intent of creating economic destability in India. If the Bhakra Nangal Dam is broken, the damage would be enormous. Estimates show 1500 villages will be marooned and food production will be halted for the next 6 months. The loss of life and livestock would be very great.

This is why the terrorists want to re-enact a Mumbai type attack to show their 'presence' and to convey that they are active in India. Since 9/11 attack on the twin towers the strategies of terrorists have been innovative, like using the aircraft as a missile in New York and the London train attacks, and later in Nov 26 Mumbai.

This information about a possible terrrorist strike was intercepted from a mobile phone conversation between two Lashkar-e-Tayiba (LeT) operatives in Pakistan.Technical teams of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) have intercepted and analysed the conversation.

PC alert on terror strikes Says Pakistan-based groups may target politicians
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, March 18

The government has received inputs from intelligence agencies suggesting that Pakistan-based terrorist groups could target top political leaders in the run up to and during the Lok Sabha elections.

Home Minster P Chidambaram said today that India was very uncomfortable with the present situation in Pakistan where it was hard to understand as to who was in control of the country.

Reviewing the security scenario in Jammu and Kashmir state for the Lok Sabha elections, he said even political leaders would have to be very careful about their movement in the run-up to the elections. “I advise prudence on the part of political leaders while campaigning,” the Home Minister said, adding that there was no specific alert about a terrorist strike.

Chidambaram asks leaders to move carefully during polls

Zeenews Bureau

Jammu, March 18: Addressing the media in Jammu, Home Minister P Chidambaram said that security forces would be taking no chances during the elections, but at the same time asked leaders to move carefully during the polls.

He said that the state police has submitted a wish list to which he would respond as soon as he got back to the capital.

We expect a communal divide in India during elections that may increase communal tensions in various part of India. Hope our Agencies and Ministries will neglect IPL (as its not a constitutional requirement) and put full focus on Parliamentary Elections LS-2009.

With Regards,


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alert : STS-119, Hydel Dam, Mumbai Part 2 Proof: ISS threat averted...

Dear Friends,

As per our anticipation Dt. 02/03/2009 reg. threat to International Space Station, it comes true when an flying object in space just misses the collision with ISS on Dt. 12/03/2009.

ISS Threat Averted; Shuttle Launch Update
Accuweather.com Thursday, March 12, 2009 1:00 PM
There was a flurry of activity aboard the International Space Station today as the crew received last-minute notice of an object approaching the station. The three Expedition 18 members were moved into their Soyuz TMA-13 capsule at around 12:35pm and "soft-locked" the hatches in the event that a quick getaway became necessary. The object in question was given the name 25090 PAM-D and was thought to be part of a spent upper stage booster rocket. The threat was considered to be small, then increased to medium. However, an error in tracking models was discovered and the object was actually too close for the ISS position to be changed in time; the object made its closest approach at 12:39pm. Fortunately for all concerned, it missed, and the crew returned to the station just after 12:45pm. It is not known how close the object got to the ISS, but because of the object's speed, a collision could have been catastrophic. All objects in low Earth orbit travel at around five miles per second; something less than a half inch wide moving that fast will have the same impact as a 400-lb object moving at 60 mph....gives me the shivers thinking about I.

We are more concern about Mumbai Part 2 as Hotels are again targeted at mass level along with monuments and palces of Historic Importance. We had identified about 30 installations which terrorist could target in their future mission. But don't worry we had informed the agencies concern, Indian as well as International ones as they are more reliable.

We also received an instruction that a Dam could be targeted by terror forces we had to detect which one is that. Dt. 13/03/2009.

Discovery Mission STS - 119 is scheduled to launched on Sunday March 15,2009, we request NASA to cancel it untill it declared fully safe, as it seems to face trouble while return back to earth.

With Regards,


Monday, March 9, 2009

Alert : Advani, D'Lama, Nitish, Naval Mumbai Proof : Air Crash B'lore

Dear Friends,

Mumbai Visits Lahore after attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, however it was similar to Mumbai 26/11 but it was not Mumbai Part 2 (which will be going to be occur in Mumbai itself not anywhere else). Its grace of god that all honest and brave cricketers of Sri Lanka are safe, if it would be Indian team and we had to release a few more terrorists (for a few corrupt players who are enjoying luxury on behalf of honest Indian tax payers)

We are having some inputs which could be useful for our agencies...

1. Security of HE Dalai Lama, LK Advani and Nitish Kumar should be increased. Dt. 03/03/2009

2. Naval Installations on west coast around Mumbai like JNPT and INS Vikrant should be guarded carefully for security related threats. Dt. 08/03/2009

One more air crash in India in Bangalore on 06/03/2008 as one trainer air craft crashed as per our earlier warning of more air crashes in Feb-March period posted Dt. Jan. 16,2009.

NAL’s Saras crash near Bangalore
Express News Service First Published : 07 Mar 2009 08:07:00 AM IST

BANGALORE: India’s indigenous aerospace programme on Friday suffered a major setback as the country’s first multi-purpose civil aircraft Saras crashed in the outskirts of Bangalore, killing all three crew members on board.

The National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)- built second prototype (PT2) of Saras, which was on a test flight, crash-landed in an open area at Sheshagirihalli near Bidadi at around 3.45 pm, killing test pilots.

With Regards,


Monday, March 2, 2009

Alert : Mumbai, NASA, Railways, Govts. Proof : Mumbai Part 2, NASA Satellite Aviation failures...

Dear Friends,

As per our anticipation regarding Mumbai Part 2 on Feb. 20, 2009, it became media headlines in India as they are reporting that Indian Intelligence agencies had intercepted the messages in which terrorist are planning the similar attacks in Mumbai and other cities of India.

We also gave warnings regarding use of car bombs,which was also highlighted in the media reports.

Also ISI reportedly instructed terror groups to conduct more attack in next few months to ensure the financial support to them by Pakistan Govt.

Our alert relating to threat to Space / Aviation Industry also come true again when NASA's Satellite launch failed during on 24/02/2009 and a Plane in Romania nose dived at Airport on Dt. 28/02/2009.

NASA Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit

By KENNETH CHANG Published: February 24, 2009

A NASA investigation team is trying to determine why a protective nose cone failed to detach during the launching of a climate satellite on Tuesday morning, dooming the $278 million mission and leaving scientists without a much-anticipated advance in the tracking of global carbon dioxide emissions. (Orbiting Carbon Observatory)

Emergency plane landing in Romania, all 51 safe

Tehran Times 02/03/2009

TIMISOARA (AP) -- A Romanian plane carrying 51 people made a safe emergency landing in western Romania and all the occupants escaped injury, officials said. The Carpatair flight’s front landing gear became stuck and the plane circled Timisoara International Airport for almost two hours Saturday, using up its fuel to avoid a potential fire before it landed on a 200-yard (200-meter) long bed of foam laid out by firefighters, officials said.

We had also receiving following indications which could became reality in next few days...

1. Drought alert in Rajasthan , Maharashtra and Gujarat Region during next crop session. Dt. 25/02/2009

2. Security Threat to International Space Station / more space related disasters goind to occurred in next few days. Dt. 01/03/2009

3. More Train accidents specially on Mumbai Delhi Route via Vadodara. Dt. 02/03/2009

4. More Terror related threats to Mumbai specially for the officials involving in the Mumbai 26/11 Investigations. Dt. 02/03/2009

With Regards,


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