Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alert : Chandrayaan - I Error Detected, Blast alert for Srinagar / Kashmir valley...

Dear Friends,

The upcoming Indian mission to the moon "Chandrayaan - I" is not going to be a successful mission as per my indications, I had detected possible error in its First stage, approx. after 70 seconds of ignition the problem may arise. I.S.R.O. is ired to be cautious and check the First Stage Engine / Software / Components again.

I conclude from the inputs received today about various blasts in Kashmir Valley specially in the City of Srinagar, also the election dates are announced so we can witness large amount of violence during elections.

A blast occurred outside Chief Minister's residence in Manipur, I also got the instruction today itself so it was not put on this blog, no one hurt in this incident.

I suggests highest possible alert till Diwali specially in New Delhi and Metros.

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