Saturday, October 25, 2008

Alert : Bangalore, Hyderbad, Ahmadabad, Oil, Rupee, Proofs...

Dear Friends,

These 3 cities are kept at special vigilance for terror acts...

1. Bangalore 2. Hyderabad 3. Ahmadabad

Note : Some rough Economic Forecasts ( Oil price it will reach $25 in next 3-5 months , Rupee Exchange (1$=Rs. 55) ; I will confirm in both in later posts)

My Earlier Anticipations come true in last few days are (noted in my diary not authentic)

1. Air Disaster averted at Chennai Airport (Etihad Cargo & Paramount Plane Collision Averted on runway) Dt. 01/08/2008

2. Arrest of a Mumbai Based Politician. Dt. 19/06/2008

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