Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alert : Volcanic Activities, Draught Proof : Turkish Plane Crash, China Mine Blast

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As per our earlier anticipation Dt. Jan. 16, 2009 reg. threat related to aviation and space industry one more airplane crashed at Amsterdam airport after 2 plane crashes in New York and various others across the globe. Also our anticipation of threat to mine industry on Jan. 21, 2009 has come true when a major blast in Chinese Coal mine on Feb. 23, 2009 killed various mining workers in China.

Nine dead as plane crashes, breaks into three
Peter Walker and Robert Tait February 26, 2009 - 6:50AM

A TURKISH Airlines plane has crashed while coming in to land at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam yesterday, killing nine people and injuring over 80 people, 25 of them seriously.The Boeing 737-800, which had 134 people on board, broke into three pieces on impact in a field near the airport at 10.31am (2031 AEDT) on Wednesday.

74 killed in China mine blast

Monday, Feb 23, 2009 The Hindu

GUJIAO: A blast in one of north China’s coal mines on Sunday killed 74 people, the rescue headquarters said.

Rescuers said that among the 114 hospitalized miners, six were in a critical condition.The accident occurred at 2:17 a.m. on Sunday while 436 miners were working underground at the Tunlan Coal Mine of Shanxi Coking Coal Group in Gujiao City, about 50 km from Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province.

We can see increased volcanic activities across the world in next few days and also there are possibilities of drought and wildfires throughout the world.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Alert : Mumbai, Indonesia, Japan, China Proof : Train Mishape Coromandal..Bihar

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The last few days we had received similar indication as earlier we received before Mumbai Terror Attacks we can conclude that...

1. Terrorists are Planning Mumbai Part 2 under the name of Taliban (Installations being identified similar pattern hostage taking same drama but with new installations). Dt. 07-01-2009 to 20-02-2009

2. Malls / Theaters / Hotels / Hospital and busy streets / Strategic Institutes are on cross hairs. Taking Hostage
is the main action plan. Dt. 14 & 20/02/2009

3. Car / 4 Wheeler Bombs
could be used at large scale (similar to Marriot Attack, Islamabad) Dt. 20/02/2009

Multiple terror attacks are possible in India within a short span from now. Dt. 20/02/2009

5. Major E' Quack is like to struck Indonesia - Malaysia Region (7.5 on Richter Scale) Populated Region may be affected this time, Floods in Japan and Hurricane in China. Dt. 14/02/2009

Proofs :

As per our earlier anticipation on 23/12/2009 reg. Rail Accidents in Northern and Eastern Railways , Coromandal Express meets accident on 14/02/2009 in Eastern Railways busy Howrah Chennai Route, on the same day when Rail Budget was presented. A light train Engine also meet an accident with a passenger Train on the next day on 14/02/2009 in Supol , Bihar .

Archive :

2. Indian Railways must keep them self at high alert for accidents / terror related incidents in Northern and Eastern Regions (specially for Delhi Bound Trains specially from Bihar) Dt. 22/12/2008

Indian Train Accident Kills 16, Injures 161, Press Trust Says Thomas Kutty Abraham

Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Sixteen passengers were killed and 161 injured when a train derailed in Eastern India, the Press Trust of India reported, citing a railway spokesman.

Thirteen coaches of the Howrah-Chennai Coromandel express went off the rails last night in Jajpur district of Orissa state, the news agency said, citing Ajay Kumar Goel, a general manager at the East Coast Railways.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Alert : Isreal Tourists on crosshairs...Proof : Air Disasters averted, E'quack 7.2 Indonesia...

Dear Friends,

As per our previous indications in our previous posts to possible disasters in Mumbai and more air disasters, it comes true again when two major incidence of collision between aircrafts averted in Mumbai and Jorhat. (Archive : Alerts Dt. 16/01/2009 - Air Disasters and Dt. 01/02/2009 for Mumbai)

1. Collision averted between an IAF Chopper of President's convoy and IC - 866 of Air India. Dt. 09/02/2009

2. Two air planes, one of IAF and other civilian were escape an disaster in the airspace of Jorhat, they both allow to fly at same altitude by ATC. Dt. 10/02/2009

3. An E'quack of Mag. 7.2 Struck Indonesia region, alert for which was given by us on 01/02/2009 (Magnitude anticipated by us was 7.0) Source : USGS

MAP 7.2 2009/02/11 17:34:51 3.902 126.400 20.0 KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA

We had received specific inputs today that the Israel citizens are going to be targeted by terror organizations in India, possibly in a North Indian Religious tourism spot. We will send our alert to agencies.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

New CMs in Rajasthan , Chattisgarh Proof : Discovery has trouble..STS-119 delayed, Firing at Mumbai CST...

Dear Friends,

Again our one more anticipation about NASA's space mission come true, we anticipated on Jan. 16, 2009 about a possible threat to mission STS - 119 having orbiter Discovery scheduled to launched on Feb. 12, 2009. On Feb. 03, 2009 NASA Scientists found troubles in 3 flow control valves of the shuttle which was serious in nature hence the mission is delayed until Feb. 22, 2009.


Friday, January 16, 2009

The space shuttle Discovery is arrived at Launch Pad on 15/01/2009 for its next space mission STS - 119 on 12/02/2009, we had received some specific instructions that the upcoming mission of Space Shuttle Discovery may have to face serious troubles while return back to Earth, the crew may face problem in Maneuvering the shuttle and it may have to land in unfrinedly conditions and may have to land at some new locations too... so NASA should give special instruction to the crew to prevent some disaster during the mission.

Valve trouble delays Discovery shuttle launch

Florida Today • February 3, 2009

Shuttle Discovery will not launch before Feb. 19 as a result of lingering trouble with critical valves in the orbiter's main propulsion system. NASA program managers ordered the change-out after a gaseous hydrogen flow control valve failed to work properly during the launch last November of shuttle Endeavor.

Similar to pop-up lawn sprinklers, the poppet valves are critical to keeping pressure within the external tank's liquid hydrogen reservoir at proper levels as the shuttle is thundering toward orbit and propellant in the tank is fed into the orbiter's three main engines.

Again our anticipation of security threat to Mumbai CST on Feb. 01,2009 comes true when a person open fires at police force on Feb. 07, 2009.

Sunday, February 1, 2009
3. Mumbai may have to face more bad incidents of Fire and Disasters in next few days (Mumbai CST station is again having some threat related to security) Dt. 01/02/2009

Firing at CST station in Mumbai, one held

Samay Live
Published: Sat, 07 Feb 2009 at 10:19 IST

Mumbai: A youth was arrested by Mumbai police for opening fire at CST railway station, sources said.
According to the sources, after November 26, 2008 attack in the CST station, the alert policemen were stopped Rajesh, who was roaming around the platform in mysterious circumstances.All of sudden he pushed the policemen and ran away and opened two rounds of fire on police party.

There are indications that the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan and Chattisgarh may be changed in next few months. Dt. 06/02/2009

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alert : Mumbai, Theaters, NE States Proof : Volcano in Japan

Dear Friends,

As per indications received in last few days... we can find the following threats.

1. Important Installations at Marine Drive, Mumbai are having some security / safety related threats (terrorism / disaster / fire), public buildings may be possible target like hotels and hospitals etc. There is a need to keep authorities of this region at alert to tackle some unfavorable situation. Dt. 05/02/2009

2. Cinema Theaters / Malls specially in Metros are again having threats related to terrorism. Dt. 04/02/2009

3. NE States Capitals specially Agartala is needs to be put at high alert for next fortnight period to prevent terror attacks. Dt. 04/02/2009

Proofs :

1. As per our indications of major Naxal attack on 24/01/2009, there occurs a big attack on security forces in Maharashtra where 15 security personnels died.

Archive :

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Naxal Groups may target Jagdalpur & adjoining Regions. Dt. 24/01/2009

Naxals kill 15 cops, take away arms

HT Nagpur, February 01, 2009

Suspected Naxalites gunned down a team of 15 policemen, including a sub inspector in a thickly forested area near the Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border, 300 km from Nagpur on Sunday morning.

2. Our anticipation of Volcanic activities in Japan within next 3 months comes true as there occurs an volcanic eruption near Tokyo Japan on 01/02/2009.

Archive :

Friday, October 31, 2008

Terrorism threat in Japan in next 2-3 months (Underground Railways / Railway Stations are more vulnerable targets) . Some Natural Disasters of high level (E' Quacks / Volcanic) are going to struck Japan Region in this period. Dt. 31/10/2008

Japanese volcano Mount Asama erupts, Monday 2 February 2009 14.40 GMT

Mount Asama, one of Japan's most active volcano, spewed ash and smoke up to 2,000 metres into the air in an eruption early today.

The 2,568-metre volcano sent chunks of rock hurtling as far as 1km away, Japan's meteorological agency said. No damage or injuries were reported.

The town of Karuizawa was blanketed in a fine layer of powder, while light clouds of ash reached Tokyo, 90 miles away.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alert : Threat to Rajnath, Indonesia, Mumbai.. Proof : Hijack alert issued Mumbai.. Delhi..,

Dear Friends,

As per indications received in last few days we can conclude that..

1. There is a serious threat on the life of BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh, he needs to take extreme care during next one month period specially during traveling. We can see more fire related incidents (as fire in Holiday Inn , Mumbai was anticipated was us). Dt. 29/01/2009

Indonesia (specially Kuala Lampur Region) may have to face disastrous Earthquake in the populated region about 7.0 on Richter Scale within next 2-3 months. Dt. 01/02/2009

3. Mumbai may have to face more bad incidents of Fire and Disasters in next few days (Mumbai CST station is again having some threat related to security) Dt. 01/02/2009


1. As per our advise to aviation industry to take precaution in Feb.-March 09 period on 16/01/ 2009, an Indigo flight (Goa -Delhi makes an emergency landing at IGI Airport, Delhi on 01/02/2009 after passengers gave threat of hijacking the plane.

2. Also an alert was also issued by agencies for being prepared for aircraft hijacking specially at Mumbai Airport on 30/01/2009 (our warning Dt. 25/12/2008)

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