Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proof : Serial Blasts in Assam (11 Blast) 5 in Guwahati....

Dear Friends,

As anticipated earlier on my blog Dt. Oct. 09, 2008 reg. terror threat to Guwahati comes true today when 11 bomb blasts rocks various cities in Assam and 5 in Guwahati (30 Killed and more then 100 Injured).

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alert : Army Camp in J&K, Ayodhya & Guwahati...

Dear Friends,

As per today's instructions I conclude the following,

1. A suicide attack in an Army Establishment in Jammu & Kashmir within next 7 days, most probably the location is around Udhampur. Dt. 09/10/2008

2. Terror possibilities in Ayodhya (Faizabad) & more acts of terror in Guwahati. Dt. 09/10/2008

I hope the security agencies must take note of postings on my blog as they continuously fail to anticipate these attacks.


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