Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alert : Threat to US President Bush & Obama; US is preparing for full scale war...INS Virat !..

Dear Friends,

New Year Greetings to all and congratulations the Indian citizens as they have got Real Time Threat Assessment Center to analyze terrorism related threats in India... congratulations to Mr. Chidambaram... why don't you take this ministry earlier? we can do much better with you then your predecessors... I think there is no more need to continue this portal.

As per indications received in last few days... I conclude that...

1. There is a severe threat to the life of the US President Mr. George Bush and the President elected Mr. Obama's life. The possible location and time period is being sent to US authorities. Dt. 25/12/2008

2. As the oil prices are falling below $40 and the instructions received makes me conclude that US forces are preparing for a full scale war in the following year (the target nation may be Iran after it conducts a nuclear test). Dt. 30/12/2008

I am amazed that how US agencies got the intelligence signal of threat to INS Virat ? Issuing vague threats is hurting the prestige of US agencies. These agencies should concentrate them self on the security of their VIPs first.

Also there is not threat to any cricketer (the persons encircle creates a hoax to get high security, there is no need of enhance security to any cricketer in India)

The security of Swami Ramdev should be enhanced first...

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Alert : Air Disasters, Proof: 3 terrorists in Jammu, A suspect in Goa, Rajdhani escapes blast...

Dear Friends,

Three fidayeen terrorist arrested in Jammu planning suicide attacks in Jammu & Kashmir to disturb election process in the state, 1 out of 3 suspect persons trying to enter Navy's area in Goa (Source : Zee News 15:00 PM 24/12/2008).

Three Pak men on suicide mission held in Jammu
24 Dec 2008, 0328 hrs IST, ET Bureau

NEW DELHI: In what may further belie Islamabad’s claims that it was not abetting terror, three Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists hailing from Pakistan, including an Army personnel, were arrested by the Jammu & Kashmir police on Tuesday for planning a suicide attack in Jammu.

The three Jaish men were on a fidayeen mission, with specific instructions to drive an explosives-laden truck into a specific target in Jammu or carry out Mumbai-like strikes,” he disclosed. “We had received some strong inputs that terrorists guided from across the border were being asked to launch action in the state in the midst of assembly elections...,” he added

Navy detains 'suspicious' man in Goa
25 Dec 2008, 0000 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: Even as Goa figures high in the threat perception after 26/11, the Navy detained a "suspicious'' person near one of its naval facilities in Goa late on Tuesday night. A terror alert, incidentally, had earlier been sounded in Goa after 26/11, with tourism taking a severe beating in the process.

As per our warning of terror incidents specially in Trains and in Northern / Eastern Region of India on 23 Dec. 2008, the elite Rajdhani Express from New Delhi to Tinsukia narrow escapes a Bomb Blast in Assam.

Explosion in railway track; narrow escape for Rajdhani Express
Wednesday, December 24, 2008 : 0950 Hrs The Hindu

Guwahati, (IANS): A major disaster was averted on Wednesday when a powerful explosion missed the super fast Rajdhani Express from New Delhi by a couple of minutes, although the blast damaged a portion of a railway track in Assam, officials said.

The Rajdhani Express was bound for Tinsukia in eastern Assam from New Delhi and was carrying about 700 people.

"Definitely the target was the Rajdhani Express as the blast took place two minutes after the train passed the explosion site," the police official said.

Also as per indications received in last few days we conclude that...

1. There is a serious threat of Air Disasters in next few days, specially planes taking off from Mumbai airport and of Virgin airlines. Dt. 24/12/2008

More terror indications in next few days in India. Dt. 24/12/2008

So keep yourself at alert...

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alert : N-E States Capital, Swami Ramdev, Trains Proof : Kalpakkam

Dear Friends,

Again security threat to Goa and Kalpakkam Nuclear Reactor is in media headlines in India..
As per the indications received today, I conclude the following...

1. The North Eastern capitals Agartala, Aizwal and Itanagar should kept at high alert (as already some small terror incidents occurred there in last 2-3 days..). Dt. 22/12/2008

2. Indian Railways
must keep them self at high alert for accidents / terror related incidents in Northern and Eastern Regions (specially for Delhi Bound Trains specially from Bihar) Dt. 22/12/2008

3. Yog Guru Swami Ramdev should be given high security as he has having threat to his life in the public functions where he is in direct contact with common people. Dt. 23/12/2008

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alert : Traval Advice for EU Nations, Proof : Goa Alerted...

Dear Friends,

As per our earlier anticipations for terror threat to Goa (Dt. Nov. 29, 2008) the Govt. officially release an alert for Goa specifically for next fortnight...

As per our recent instructions we can conclude that ...

1. There is a severe threat to E.U. Nations specifically in LONDON, PARIS, MADRID and WARSAW so please be careful while visiting these EU cities in next fortnight. Dt. 21/12/2008

2. Security threat to US President Mr. George Bush and upcoming President Mr. Obama (specially on / before oath taking ceremony). also Mr. Zardari needs to take precautius in next few days. Dt. 21/12/2008

3. Indian agencies should keep at high alert till Jan. 5 , 2009. Dt. 21/12/2008

So keep yourself at vigil until New year2009...

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alert: Threat EU Nations, Proof : Kalpakkam declared NF Zone; IGI disaster averted...

Dear Friends,

As anticipated on Nov. 18, 2008 by us for possible threat to Kalpakkam Nuclear Power Plant the Govt. declared it a no fly zone on 17/12/2008.

Kalpakkam N-plant made a no-fly zone
17 Dec 2008, 0510 hrs IST, Saurabh Sinha, TNN

NEW Delhi: Following heightened threat perception to sensitive installations, the government on Tuesday declared the Kalpakkam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu a no fly zone to prevent any 9/11 kind of targeting of this sensitive site. Kalpakkam now joins the only other atomic installation, Tarapur in Maharashtra, to have flights barred over its immediate airspace.

Sources said in almost every security meeting held following the recent Mumbai attack, the intelligence agencies had been stressing the need to declare Kalpakkam a no fly zone.

"This was the first priority item in almost every meeting. The Indian Air Force also asked for declaring Kalpakkam a no fly zone given its extremely high threat perception. Hence in national interest, the DGCA has issued the order on Tuesday without losing any time," said sources

A disaster also averted at IGI Delhi when a possible collision between two planes averted at last moment. Anticipated by us on November 09, 2008.

IA flight gets a scare while landing

Wed, Dec 17 01:57 AM

Passengers on board the Indian Airlines Lucknow-Delhi flight IC-812 had a hair-raising experience as the aircraft was asked to go around at the last moment while landing at the Delhi airport on Tuesday evening.

The incident took place at 6.45 pm, when another aircraft was spotted on the same runway as the Indian Airlines flight was about to touch down.

Just seconds before the aircraft was set to land, senior training pilot Captain R S Sandhu spotted an aircraft on the runway. The flight was at a height of 200 feet at that time. Captain Sandhu informed the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and asked permission for a go-round, which was immediately granted

The threat possibilities are also detected for European Nations in the following cities
Paris - Warsaw - Madrid - London in next few days...

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alert : Hotels Nepal, Proof : Oil Prices...Crop Production decline...

Dear Friends...

There is a severe threat of terror attack at some prestigious Hotel in Nepal (Kathmandu), all delegates specially of Indian, UK and US origin must keep them at high vigil during visiting Nepal as it seems to be a soft target.

The world Oil prices touches lower mark of $36.67 per Barrel on Dec. 05, 2008 (we predicted around $35 when it was $140 and best analyst of the world says it to be remain around $100-120 for next 6 months which doesn't come true... Source : T.O.I. Dt. 16/12/2008)

Also Minister of State for Agriculture has laid a statement in Parliament that crop production may decrease in next crop season. Anticipated by us on Dt. 18/11/2008

The threat is related to possible terror attack on "Palace on Wheels" is worthless.. but there is some threat to New Delhi - Bhopal Shatabdi Express... which passes through Agra (the Taj city ...)

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Alert : Terror Indications.. New Delhi.. NIA... PM apologies..

Dear Friends,

Indian Parliament after a long debate agrees to fight terror and strongly condemn terror attacks in India and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh express apologies for Mumbai Attack (that was anticipated 3 months in advance by us). A proposal for National Investigative Agency passes but will it includes person having terror forecasting capabilities ? or just a formality...

As per my indications in last few days, I can conclude that there is a severe threat of terror attacks in National Capital New Delhi, more then one attack is possible within 7-10 days from today.

Also more attacks are likely to occur until first two weeks of January 2009. A Mumbai Police Official con faces that about 30 terrorists were on the Mission Mumbai not just 10 (Source : New York Times), it confirms our indication of Mumbai Part 2 (B.S.E. version) is also possible.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alert : Delhi.. Poll Results 50-50, Proof: Threat to Goa & New York...

Dear Friends,

As per my indications there is a possible of a terror attack in Delhi (may be Jama Masjid Region but not at Red fort as anticipated by various agencies) as we anticipate Chennai & Goa with Delhi on Nov. 29, 2008, Intelligence agencies also release the alert following us.

Secret Cabinet note warns of Qaida threat

8 Dec 2008, 0152 hrs IST, TNN

The note (No. 1/13/2003-HD(G)/PF2), which was marked “secret”, states at item no 3 (a), “Today Goa faces serious threat from terrorists and there were specific inputs that Al-Quada (sic) would target certain installation/target in Goa. The state of Goa has a vast coastline of 105 km, which has major sea posts and famous beaches.” The note was signed by Singh.

The poll results are not close as predicted by me only 2 out of 4 states predicts gets favorable results i.e. M.P.-C.G. , but Delhi and Rajasthan Results are totally different then predicted.

These results were unbiased (but our election process is not transparent like in US where ballot proof is also exist with electronic data which cannot be manipulate as in case of EVMs, I don't write too much to show the mirror because my words may not be liked by critics.)
































Total Seats










The people of MP are going to face at least 3 CMs again but C.G., Delhi and Rajasthan Govts. seems to complete their full terms.

Also a suspected car bomb found in UN HQ in New York. Anticipated on Oct. 06, 2008. Indications of threat is not fully waived off from New York and London (London is being reported by some Expert of Scotland Yard to me.)

Car bomb fears clear UN garages

UNITED NATIONS — Officials shut down three basement garage levels of the UN's landmark 39-story headquarters for two hours Friday evening, after a bomb-sniffing dog smelled suspicious fluid from an employee's station wagon.

The incident began around 5:30 p.m. during a routine security sweep of the garage two floors below where Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon emerged from a closed-door meeting on Myanmar to speak to reporters.

So be careful visiting NY City and London until New Year celebrations over...

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Proof : IGI attacked, Oil near $35, 6.1 Quake Struck Japan,

Dear Friends,

Some anticipations come true again...

1. Firing at IGI Airport on 05/12/2008. Anticipated earlier on this portal and to Counter terror expert on 8/11/2008.

Firing scare at IGI: Sequence of events

NDTV Correspondent
Friday, December 05, 2008, (New Delhi)

Here is a look at the sequence of events as they unfolded at the IGI Airport in Delhi where gunshots were heard.At around 1am, the guard posted near the CISF control room and heard a sound that seemed like gunshots.

2. Quack 6.1 struck North Japan on 03/12/2008 anticipated on Dt. 14/11/2008

MAP 5.8 2008/12/03 23:16:55 38.549 142.851 14.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

3. Oil prices near $35 (they are today touches $40 per barrel : DD News) anticipated on 27/10/2008.

I had received indications of fierce terror attacks including Mumbai Part 2, which is not a good indication...

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Proof: Delhi Threat received...

Dear Friends,

As we warned by me on 29/11/2008 and in earlier postings, a threat is received from terrorist organizations to blow Delhi Airport on 01/12/2008 (view our posting on 29/11/2008 in which we quote "I have indications for possible terror attacks in Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa and Chennai in last 3 days."

There may be a big attack at a vital target and small attacks at smaller targets similar to Mumbai attacks. These attacks may be carried out in last week of December 2008 and first week of Januray 2009.

Proof : Media Report

Deccan Mujahideen email threatens Delhi
1 Dec 2008, 0506 TOI

NEW DELHI: Three-wheeler autos in the capital have come under the security scanner after the terror siege of Mumbai. According to highly placed government sources, there are intelligence inputs on the possible use of autos for triggering a blast in a crowded area of Delhi.

Meanwhile, DCP (IGI Airport) Sanjay Kumar said they had received a communique from IB about stepping up vigil at the airport.

More clearer inputs are sent to agencies about I.G.I. and Delhi Stations, which we cannot publish here.

With Regards,