Friday, October 3, 2008

Threat to V.V.I.Ps, Infra Red alert...

Dear Friends,

I am writing frankly that there is a clear threat on the life of one of the top leaders/politicians of India. At least 3 inputs are with me from which I conclude,

1. A major terrorist attack (of the level of Parliament attack) within a next 20-30 days, the location is probably the VIP area of New Delhi. Some powerful groups then IM may struck the National Capital soon. New Delhi Railway station is also a possible target. Dt. 02-10-2008

2. Some major failures in Space Programs (Like Chandrayaan - 1 and NASA's next manned Mission STS -125, 126 etc.) Dt. 03-10-2008

3. The coming days are not good for world peace and prosperity in spite of Festive Season in India, so keep your self at alert as Indian Home Minister Mr. Shivraj Patil urged for help from citizens to confront terrorism , I am trying to help both citizens and govt. through this blog.

Thanking You,

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