Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alert : Chandrayaan - I (possible trouble in mission)...

Dear Friends,

These are the results which I got from various experiments on this space mission,

Mission: Chandrayaan - I Launch Dt. : 22/10/2008 Status : Failed (15/10/2008)

Sucess Rate (As on 15/10/2008) : 35 % (Approx) Altitude Achieved : 110 Kms.

Possible Error : Malfunction of Computer Hw / Sw / Program Code

The most ambitious mission of India the "Chandraayan-I" seems to face trouble while its maiden launch on Oct. 22, 2008. I worked to locate the possible error in this mission. As I predicted correctly the failure of G.S.L.V. - F 02, 3 days in advance, I wanted to know this mission's success rate. The data which I got from various experiments I conduct when combine with inputs I received even earlier are worrisome , this mission seems to be a failure again.

It may fail even to reach Elliptical Parking Orbit (E.P.O.) and debris may fell near 0-5 Deg North , 60 Deg East. I suggest I.S.R.O. Scientists to work hard in locating errors in the system at the earliest for make it a successful mission. The error could be detected to check systems / codes running at the altitude of 110 Kms or around (may be in stage II will be active at that time hence the systems of stage II should be checked for possible errors).

I hope the hard work of hundreds of Scientist would not go waste hence I request them to recheck the complete mission before launch. Threats to V.V.I.P.s comes true in last days...

With Regards,

Chanakya Potdar

Archive :

Event 1 : Trouble in ISRO's next space mission. (this mission is most probably the India's ambitious mission "Chandrayaan").

Date of Instruction : 31/03/2008 Date of Posting : 24/04/2008

Description : Similar to my earlier prediction of failure of GSLV-F02, there is a possibility of detecting errors in the Solid Rocket Boosters (2 SRBs), these may malfunction during the mission which leads to a major setback to ISRO program. An error is likely to be detected in connecting cable from Control Room to launch vehicle.

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