Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alert : Delhi,Hyderabad,Goa and Chennai, US-UK Appriciates our antipations...

Dear Friends,

The Mumbai session of terror attacks ended today morning the attack killed 161 innocents and 400 Injured due severe Intelligence failure in India's history even when place and location within time were anticipated clearly on 23/08/2008.

The anticipations are widely appreciated for its clearness and accuracy by the top Security experts from US , UK and India (Including Homeland Security Adviser to The White House). I hope hope the govt. will take our advise positively and we are willing to give our full support to eliminate terrorism from India.

I have indications for possible terror attacks in Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa and Chennai in last 3 days. The possible locations are Nuclear , Military , Space and Strategic Importance. Indian Agencies should focus on these cities.

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