Monday, December 1, 2008

Proof: Delhi Threat received...

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As we warned by me on 29/11/2008 and in earlier postings, a threat is received from terrorist organizations to blow Delhi Airport on 01/12/2008 (view our posting on 29/11/2008 in which we quote "I have indications for possible terror attacks in Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa and Chennai in last 3 days."

There may be a big attack at a vital target and small attacks at smaller targets similar to Mumbai attacks. These attacks may be carried out in last week of December 2008 and first week of Januray 2009.

Proof : Media Report

Deccan Mujahideen email threatens Delhi
1 Dec 2008, 0506 TOI

NEW DELHI: Three-wheeler autos in the capital have come under the security scanner after the terror siege of Mumbai. According to highly placed government sources, there are intelligence inputs on the possible use of autos for triggering a blast in a crowded area of Delhi.

Meanwhile, DCP (IGI Airport) Sanjay Kumar said they had received a communique from IB about stepping up vigil at the airport.

More clearer inputs are sent to agencies about I.G.I. and Delhi Stations, which we cannot publish here.

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