Thursday, November 6, 2008

Proof : True Anticipation, Obama President for 2 years, Alert : E' Quack 6.0 Tibet, Bhutan Region, NASA STS-126...

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The historic change in US is an inspiration for whole world.

Barack Obama is going to became 44th US President, but he is not going to complete his term in office. As per indications received by me he may have to leave the office much earlier. His tenure in the President's office is around 2 years or less. Our previous anticipations were correct about US Presidential Elections,

(Electoral Votes) Anticipation Actual

Barack Obama : 280+ 338

John Maccain : 155+ 163

More anticipations for today...

1. There is a possibility of an Earthquake of Mag. above 6.0 striking Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim region within 15-20 days from today. Dt. 06/11/2008

2. NASA Mission STS -126 (Endeavor) scheduled to launch on Sept. 14, 2008 may be a successful mission. No threat detected for this human mission. Dt. 06/11/2008

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