Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alert : Guwahati is under threat...African Nations, Nepal Economy...

Dear Friends,

As per indications received today, I observe following...

1. Guwahati is still having high threat from terrorism, it will face more terror attacks in near future with other North East Cities like Aizwal, Shillong. VVIPS should prevent their visits to these cities for at least for a fortnight. Alert for Delhi again. Dt. 01/11/2008

2. African countries (like South Africa, Zimbabwe) have to face troubles / disasters in next few days. Dt. 01/11/2008

3. Nepalese economy will face total collapse. Dt. 01/11/2008

A passenger was arrested from an Air India Flight from Mumbai to Newark having suspicious behavior. (Alert issued : Dt. Oct. 27, 2008)

I am starting an alert system for India like US Home land security dept. does for US citizens, today's Color code is Red (High Threat).

With Regards,


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