Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alert : Rail Bridges, Laloo... Proof : Lahore Part II, Bangalore Theater, Dalai Lama

Dear Friends,

Our earlier anticipations come true again as...

1. Terror Attack in Lahore Police Training School on 30/03/2009 and a live Bomb has been recovered in a Theater in Bangalore on 31/03/2009 ( we anticipated on Feb 20,2009 the following

1. Terrorists are Planning Mumbai Part 2 under the name of Taliban (Installations being identified similar pattern hostage taking same drama but with new installations). Dt. 07-01-2009 to 20-02-2009

{ 2 attacks in Lahore in same manner First on Sri Lankan Cricket Team and Second on Police Training Centre , Lahore}

2. Malls / Theaters / Hotels / Hospital and busy streets / Strategic Institutes are on cross hairs. Taking Hostage
is the main action plan. Dt. 14 & 20/02/2009

{Bomb Recovered in Bangalore Theater}

2. The Chinese hacker groups had entered computers of various embassies and collected the information about Tibetan Leader HE' Dalai Lama (we had anticipated on March 09,2009

1. Security of HE Dalai Lama, LK Advani and Nitish Kumar should be increased. Dt. 03/03/2009

We recommend security increased to SPG level for him as Pakistani Militants could harm him.

3. Two terrorists
arrested in Mumbai with huge ammunitions on 29/03/2009.. {as we repeatedly giving warnings for Mumbai Part II}

4. Intercepts has been found about instructions to the terrorist for attacking leaders during next Lok Sabha Elections, on 31/03/2009 { We had alerted first for leaders to have security threat during elections, on this portal}

We had received instructions based on them we suggest increased security for Railway Bridges specially on Trunk Routes in Bihar , West Bengal connecting major cities of India, also for Rajdhani Express trains. Laloo Prasad Yadav should be careful during election campaigns in next Lok Sabha Elections. Dt. 30/03/2009

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