Monday, March 2, 2009

Alert : Mumbai, NASA, Railways, Govts. Proof : Mumbai Part 2, NASA Satellite Aviation failures...

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As per our anticipation regarding Mumbai Part 2 on Feb. 20, 2009, it became media headlines in India as they are reporting that Indian Intelligence agencies had intercepted the messages in which terrorist are planning the similar attacks in Mumbai and other cities of India.

We also gave warnings regarding use of car bombs,which was also highlighted in the media reports.

Also ISI reportedly instructed terror groups to conduct more attack in next few months to ensure the financial support to them by Pakistan Govt.

Our alert relating to threat to Space / Aviation Industry also come true again when NASA's Satellite launch failed during on 24/02/2009 and a Plane in Romania nose dived at Airport on Dt. 28/02/2009.

NASA Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit

By KENNETH CHANG Published: February 24, 2009

A NASA investigation team is trying to determine why a protective nose cone failed to detach during the launching of a climate satellite on Tuesday morning, dooming the $278 million mission and leaving scientists without a much-anticipated advance in the tracking of global carbon dioxide emissions. (Orbiting Carbon Observatory)

Emergency plane landing in Romania, all 51 safe

Tehran Times 02/03/2009

TIMISOARA (AP) -- A Romanian plane carrying 51 people made a safe emergency landing in western Romania and all the occupants escaped injury, officials said. The Carpatair flight’s front landing gear became stuck and the plane circled Timisoara International Airport for almost two hours Saturday, using up its fuel to avoid a potential fire before it landed on a 200-yard (200-meter) long bed of foam laid out by firefighters, officials said.

We had also receiving following indications which could became reality in next few days...

1. Drought alert in Rajasthan , Maharashtra and Gujarat Region during next crop session. Dt. 25/02/2009

2. Security Threat to International Space Station / more space related disasters goind to occurred in next few days. Dt. 01/03/2009

3. More Train accidents specially on Mumbai Delhi Route via Vadodara. Dt. 02/03/2009

4. More Terror related threats to Mumbai specially for the officials involving in the Mumbai 26/11 Investigations. Dt. 02/03/2009

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