Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alert : Communal Voilence Proof : North Korea Twin Missiles, Discovery Retruns

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NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery safely returns from its mission to ISS on 28/03/2009 at Florida after facing various threats during its recent mission STS-119 as anticipated earlier by us on 16/01/2009. (Mission Delayed 5 time and for a period of 1 month, Leak in Fuel Tank, Threat of collision with Debris when docked with ISS )

North Korea is going to launch 2 types of missile which are capable to strike US west coast (California Region). Now media speculates about two type of missile one long range and other short range (it was first assumed to only single long range missile). We had anticipated this launch to US / UK / Indian experts on 07/04/2008. (before this portal starts)

In a message dated 07/04/2008 19:51:02 GMT Standard Time,

1. I saw two types of missiles in North Korea (One Long range and other Intermediate Range) which are having new type of design, and they fired towards US. Dt. 06/04/2008

North Korea may also launch midrange missile

Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:28pm EDT

TOKYO, March 29 (Reuters) - North Korea is preparing to launch a close- to mid-range ballistic missile separately from the long-range missile that Pyongyang has said it will launch next month, the Sankei Japanese daily reported on Sunday.

The secluded state may fire the close- to mid-range missile shortly after the long-range missile is launched, the paper said, quoting unnamed Japanese government sources.

The report come as Pyongyang is poised launch a communications satellite between April 4-8 that regional powers believe will actually be a test of a long-range missile, the Taepodong-2, which is already believed to be on its launch pad.

North Korea has given international agencies notice that the rocket's planned trajectory should take it over Japan, dropping booster stages to its east and west. Any attempt to shoot the rocket itself down would be an act of war, it has said.

Japan deployed two ballistic missile destroyers to the Sea of Japan on Saturday to intercept any dangerous debris in the event that the controversial missile launch planned by North Korea goes wrong. (Reporting by Yuzo Saeki; Editing by David Fox)

We had instructions of increased communal tension in India during Lok Sabha elections, hence Govt. Agencies should keep vigil on anti social elements. Dt. 27/03/2009

We will post Poll Results of Lok Sabha - 2009 after final polling over and before official declaration of Poll results by Election commission of India.

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