Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alert : STS-119, Hydel Dam, Mumbai Part 2 Proof: ISS threat averted...

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As per our anticipation Dt. 02/03/2009 reg. threat to International Space Station, it comes true when an flying object in space just misses the collision with ISS on Dt. 12/03/2009.

ISS Threat Averted; Shuttle Launch Update Thursday, March 12, 2009 1:00 PM
There was a flurry of activity aboard the International Space Station today as the crew received last-minute notice of an object approaching the station. The three Expedition 18 members were moved into their Soyuz TMA-13 capsule at around 12:35pm and "soft-locked" the hatches in the event that a quick getaway became necessary. The object in question was given the name 25090 PAM-D and was thought to be part of a spent upper stage booster rocket. The threat was considered to be small, then increased to medium. However, an error in tracking models was discovered and the object was actually too close for the ISS position to be changed in time; the object made its closest approach at 12:39pm. Fortunately for all concerned, it missed, and the crew returned to the station just after 12:45pm. It is not known how close the object got to the ISS, but because of the object's speed, a collision could have been catastrophic. All objects in low Earth orbit travel at around five miles per second; something less than a half inch wide moving that fast will have the same impact as a 400-lb object moving at 60 me the shivers thinking about I.

We are more concern about Mumbai Part 2 as Hotels are again targeted at mass level along with monuments and palces of Historic Importance. We had identified about 30 installations which terrorist could target in their future mission. But don't worry we had informed the agencies concern, Indian as well as International ones as they are more reliable.

We also received an instruction that a Dam could be targeted by terror forces we had to detect which one is that. Dt. 13/03/2009.

Discovery Mission STS - 119 is scheduled to launched on Sunday March 15,2009, we request NASA to cancel it untill it declared fully safe, as it seems to face trouble while return back to earth.

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