Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alert : Delhi Metro Proof : N. Korea Launch T2, ISRO Security up,Threat Politicians

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In last few days our anticipations are in media headlines throughout the world, which are as follows...

1. Our anticipation of Long Range Missile Launch by N. Korea come true today when it launches 6700 Km range Taepodong-2 Missile (anticipated by us on April 7, 2008).

North Korea launches long-range rocket, Sunday 5 April 2009 13.07 BST

North Korea today defied mounting international pressure when it launched a long-range rocket, with the move triggering an emergency meeting of the UN security council.The state's official news agency said it had successfully put a satellite into orbit and said the satellite was transmitting revolutionary songs as it circled the Earth.However, South Korea later denied the claim and said the payload had dropped into the ocean.

The US president, Barack Obama, led international condemnation of the launch, which Washington and others see as a test of weapons technology. The US had initially feared that Pyongyang planned to launch a Taepodong-2 missile, theoretically capable of reaching Alaska, in breach of a UN ban.

2. Our previous warning of threat to ISRO Centres and Scientist come true today as Home Ministry approves Z category security for ISRO Chief Dr. Madhavan Nayar and other Scientist including overall security review at all ISRO Centres (anticipated by us on January 16,2009)

3. Indian agencies are at high alert for possible terror attacks during next Lok Sabha Elections , Home minister personally warned 40 top politicians to be at alert during election campaigns as there are inputs of terror attacks during Election rallies. (we anticipated at first on March 23, 2009)

After our warnings of high volcanic activities through out the world on Feb. 26, 2009 3 major volcanic eruptions occurred in Japan , Alaska and recently in Chile.

We had inputs that Metro Trains in Delhi could be possible target specially on non underground sections. Dt. 04/04/2009

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