Thursday, December 25, 2008

Alert : Air Disasters, Proof: 3 terrorists in Jammu, A suspect in Goa, Rajdhani escapes blast...

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Three fidayeen terrorist arrested in Jammu planning suicide attacks in Jammu & Kashmir to disturb election process in the state, 1 out of 3 suspect persons trying to enter Navy's area in Goa (Source : Zee News 15:00 PM 24/12/2008).

Three Pak men on suicide mission held in Jammu
24 Dec 2008, 0328 hrs IST, ET Bureau

NEW DELHI: In what may further belie Islamabad’s claims that it was not abetting terror, three Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists hailing from Pakistan, including an Army personnel, were arrested by the Jammu & Kashmir police on Tuesday for planning a suicide attack in Jammu.

The three Jaish men were on a fidayeen mission, with specific instructions to drive an explosives-laden truck into a specific target in Jammu or carry out Mumbai-like strikes,” he disclosed. “We had received some strong inputs that terrorists guided from across the border were being asked to launch action in the state in the midst of assembly elections...,” he added

Navy detains 'suspicious' man in Goa
25 Dec 2008, 0000 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: Even as Goa figures high in the threat perception after 26/11, the Navy detained a "suspicious'' person near one of its naval facilities in Goa late on Tuesday night. A terror alert, incidentally, had earlier been sounded in Goa after 26/11, with tourism taking a severe beating in the process.

As per our warning of terror incidents specially in Trains and in Northern / Eastern Region of India on 23 Dec. 2008, the elite Rajdhani Express from New Delhi to Tinsukia narrow escapes a Bomb Blast in Assam.

Explosion in railway track; narrow escape for Rajdhani Express
Wednesday, December 24, 2008 : 0950 Hrs The Hindu

Guwahati, (IANS): A major disaster was averted on Wednesday when a powerful explosion missed the super fast Rajdhani Express from New Delhi by a couple of minutes, although the blast damaged a portion of a railway track in Assam, officials said.

The Rajdhani Express was bound for Tinsukia in eastern Assam from New Delhi and was carrying about 700 people.

"Definitely the target was the Rajdhani Express as the blast took place two minutes after the train passed the explosion site," the police official said.

Also as per indications received in last few days we conclude that...

1. There is a serious threat of Air Disasters in next few days, specially planes taking off from Mumbai airport and of Virgin airlines. Dt. 24/12/2008

More terror indications in next few days in India. Dt. 24/12/2008

So keep yourself at alert...

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