Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alert: Threat EU Nations, Proof : Kalpakkam declared NF Zone; IGI disaster averted...

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As anticipated on Nov. 18, 2008 by us for possible threat to Kalpakkam Nuclear Power Plant the Govt. declared it a no fly zone on 17/12/2008.

Kalpakkam N-plant made a no-fly zone
17 Dec 2008, 0510 hrs IST, Saurabh Sinha, TNN

NEW Delhi: Following heightened threat perception to sensitive installations, the government on Tuesday declared the Kalpakkam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu a no fly zone to prevent any 9/11 kind of targeting of this sensitive site. Kalpakkam now joins the only other atomic installation, Tarapur in Maharashtra, to have flights barred over its immediate airspace.

Sources said in almost every security meeting held following the recent Mumbai attack, the intelligence agencies had been stressing the need to declare Kalpakkam a no fly zone.

"This was the first priority item in almost every meeting. The Indian Air Force also asked for declaring Kalpakkam a no fly zone given its extremely high threat perception. Hence in national interest, the DGCA has issued the order on Tuesday without losing any time," said sources

A disaster also averted at IGI Delhi when a possible collision between two planes averted at last moment. Anticipated by us on November 09, 2008.

IA flight gets a scare while landing

Wed, Dec 17 01:57 AM

Passengers on board the Indian Airlines Lucknow-Delhi flight IC-812 had a hair-raising experience as the aircraft was asked to go around at the last moment while landing at the Delhi airport on Tuesday evening.

The incident took place at 6.45 pm, when another aircraft was spotted on the same runway as the Indian Airlines flight was about to touch down.

Just seconds before the aircraft was set to land, senior training pilot Captain R S Sandhu spotted an aircraft on the runway. The flight was at a height of 200 feet at that time. Captain Sandhu informed the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and asked permission for a go-round, which was immediately granted

The threat possibilities are also detected for European Nations in the following cities
Paris - Warsaw - Madrid - London in next few days...

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