Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alert : Threat to US President Bush & Obama; US is preparing for full scale war...INS Virat !..

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New Year Greetings to all and congratulations the Indian citizens as they have got Real Time Threat Assessment Center to analyze terrorism related threats in India... congratulations to Mr. Chidambaram... why don't you take this ministry earlier? we can do much better with you then your predecessors... I think there is no more need to continue this portal.

As per indications received in last few days... I conclude that...

1. There is a severe threat to the life of the US President Mr. George Bush and the President elected Mr. Obama's life. The possible location and time period is being sent to US authorities. Dt. 25/12/2008

2. As the oil prices are falling below $40 and the instructions received makes me conclude that US forces are preparing for a full scale war in the following year (the target nation may be Iran after it conducts a nuclear test). Dt. 30/12/2008

I am amazed that how US agencies got the intelligence signal of threat to INS Virat ? Issuing vague threats is hurting the prestige of US agencies. These agencies should concentrate them self on the security of their VIPs first.

Also there is not threat to any cricketer (the persons encircle creates a hoax to get high security, there is no need of enhance security to any cricketer in India)

The security of Swami Ramdev should be enhanced first...

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