Friday, April 17, 2009

Alert : NASA, ISS, STS -125/127, Mumbai. Proof : Naxal Attacks ..

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As per our anticipation for fierce naxal attacks in coming days on April 09,2009 (specifically mentioned Dantewada & Gadchiroli Regions to Indian Agencies), it comes true on April 16,2009 during first phase of LS - 2009 Elections, when Naxal rebels attacked 15 places including Killed about 40 armed personnels in more then 19 attacks including high security Installations. (NALCO Mines)

We are still receiving instructions of more attacks in CG specifically in Kanker District. Also Railway Bridges are at their target specially on Trunk routes connecting major cities of India.

We also received trouble indication in Upcoming NASA missions STS-125 Atlantis (and STS-127 may be) but there is severe threat to ISS which can breakup in two parts or more severe disaster could have occurred in next few days, so the crew must vigil during the mission. Dt. 12/04/2009

Mumbai Multistories are not safe from the terror threats as per our indications ( our last indications shows threat to all high sky scrappers and there may be repeated attack like 9/11 in next few days). Dt. 16/04/2009

Also we can witness some air disaster at some of the important airports of US, specially in Los Angles , California region. Dt. 11/04/2009

We had LS - 2009 results , we will publish it soon...

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    Waiting your predictions with regard to 2009 Lok Sabha poll outcome. Make them posted here ASAP.