Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alert : Imp. / Heritage buildings of Delhi - Mumbai, Railways Proof : Ambani Chopper, J&K Arms, Raj Bhavan

Dear Friends,

Many forecasts come true in last few days which were in media highlights in India...

1. We had given warning of possibility of major terror attacks in during elections on March 23, 2009, heavy arms and ammunitions have being seized from terrorists which includes 10 AK 47, 13000 Rounds of AK 47, 35 KG RDX, 445 Grenades, RPG Launcher which was to be used to disrupt the election process of LS-2009. 30 terrorists are on run which is a matter of great concern for agencies.

2. In our trend analysis report to Indian agencies related to Mumbai 26/11 Part-II on March, 11 2009 we have mentioned Raj Bhavan, Mumbai as one of the possible target (which is still under threat) this was disclosed on April 20, 2009 from the maps captured from seized from terrorist of Mumbai 26/11 attack.

3. On April 19,2009 we had given a clear warning to Indian Agencies that a top Indian Industrialist of India based in Mumbai is having threat to his life (we had clearly known that he was one of the Ambani Bros.), on April 25,2009 the media shows the reports of sabotage attempt on the helicopter of Anil Ambani, Chairman Reliance Ind. This conspiracy was to harm him with his top officials.

Now we had some instructions for Indian Agencies

1. A possible threat in Delhi specially heritage and imp. buildings like Rashtrapati Bhavan and other important places. Dt. 26/04/2009

2. Taliban retaliation can cause threat to life of Top Pakistani and Indian Leaders. Dt. 26/04/2009

3. Some minor railway accidents. and threats around imp. Railway Stations near Mumbai. Dt. 22/04/2009

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