Sunday, February 8, 2009

New CMs in Rajasthan , Chattisgarh Proof : Discovery has trouble..STS-119 delayed, Firing at Mumbai CST...

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Again our one more anticipation about NASA's space mission come true, we anticipated on Jan. 16, 2009 about a possible threat to mission STS - 119 having orbiter Discovery scheduled to launched on Feb. 12, 2009. On Feb. 03, 2009 NASA Scientists found troubles in 3 flow control valves of the shuttle which was serious in nature hence the mission is delayed until Feb. 22, 2009.


Friday, January 16, 2009

The space shuttle Discovery is arrived at Launch Pad on 15/01/2009 for its next space mission STS - 119 on 12/02/2009, we had received some specific instructions that the upcoming mission of Space Shuttle Discovery may have to face serious troubles while return back to Earth, the crew may face problem in Maneuvering the shuttle and it may have to land in unfrinedly conditions and may have to land at some new locations too... so NASA should give special instruction to the crew to prevent some disaster during the mission.

Valve trouble delays Discovery shuttle launch

Florida Today • February 3, 2009

Shuttle Discovery will not launch before Feb. 19 as a result of lingering trouble with critical valves in the orbiter's main propulsion system. NASA program managers ordered the change-out after a gaseous hydrogen flow control valve failed to work properly during the launch last November of shuttle Endeavor.

Similar to pop-up lawn sprinklers, the poppet valves are critical to keeping pressure within the external tank's liquid hydrogen reservoir at proper levels as the shuttle is thundering toward orbit and propellant in the tank is fed into the orbiter's three main engines.

Again our anticipation of security threat to Mumbai CST on Feb. 01,2009 comes true when a person open fires at police force on Feb. 07, 2009.

Sunday, February 1, 2009
3. Mumbai may have to face more bad incidents of Fire and Disasters in next few days (Mumbai CST station is again having some threat related to security) Dt. 01/02/2009

Firing at CST station in Mumbai, one held

Samay Live
Published: Sat, 07 Feb 2009 at 10:19 IST

Mumbai: A youth was arrested by Mumbai police for opening fire at CST railway station, sources said.
According to the sources, after November 26, 2008 attack in the CST station, the alert policemen were stopped Rajesh, who was roaming around the platform in mysterious circumstances.All of sudden he pushed the policemen and ran away and opened two rounds of fire on police party.

There are indications that the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan and Chattisgarh may be changed in next few months. Dt. 06/02/2009

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