Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alert : Threat to Rajnath, Indonesia, Mumbai.. Proof : Hijack alert issued Mumbai.. Delhi..,

Dear Friends,

As per indications received in last few days we can conclude that..

1. There is a serious threat on the life of BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh, he needs to take extreme care during next one month period specially during traveling. We can see more fire related incidents (as fire in Holiday Inn , Mumbai was anticipated was us). Dt. 29/01/2009

Indonesia (specially Kuala Lampur Region) may have to face disastrous Earthquake in the populated region about 7.0 on Richter Scale within next 2-3 months. Dt. 01/02/2009

3. Mumbai may have to face more bad incidents of Fire and Disasters in next few days (Mumbai CST station is again having some threat related to security) Dt. 01/02/2009


1. As per our advise to aviation industry to take precaution in Feb.-March 09 period on 16/01/ 2009, an Indigo flight (Goa -Delhi makes an emergency landing at IGI Airport, Delhi on 01/02/2009 after passengers gave threat of hijacking the plane.

2. Also an alert was also issued by agencies for being prepared for aircraft hijacking specially at Mumbai Airport on 30/01/2009 (our warning Dt. 25/12/2008)

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