Friday, February 13, 2009

Alert : Isreal Tourists on crosshairs...Proof : Air Disasters averted, E'quack 7.2 Indonesia...

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As per our previous indications in our previous posts to possible disasters in Mumbai and more air disasters, it comes true again when two major incidence of collision between aircrafts averted in Mumbai and Jorhat. (Archive : Alerts Dt. 16/01/2009 - Air Disasters and Dt. 01/02/2009 for Mumbai)

1. Collision averted between an IAF Chopper of President's convoy and IC - 866 of Air India. Dt. 09/02/2009

2. Two air planes, one of IAF and other civilian were escape an disaster in the airspace of Jorhat, they both allow to fly at same altitude by ATC. Dt. 10/02/2009

3. An E'quack of Mag. 7.2 Struck Indonesia region, alert for which was given by us on 01/02/2009 (Magnitude anticipated by us was 7.0) Source : USGS

MAP 7.2 2009/02/11 17:34:51 3.902 126.400 20.0 KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA

We had received specific inputs today that the Israel citizens are going to be targeted by terror organizations in India, possibly in a North Indian Religious tourism spot. We will send our alert to agencies.

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