Friday, May 15, 2009

LS Polls Win Lost List Proof : Debris Struck Atlantis during launch...

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As per our earlier posting we warned NASA for upcoming Mission STS -125 Atlantis for having some trouble during blast off, it comes true when some of the tiles got damaged after 104 seconds of liftoff when it collided with space debris.

Friday, April 17, 2009

We also received trouble indication in Upcoming NASA missions STS-125 Atlantis (and STS-127 may be) but there is severe threat to ISS which can breakup in two parts or more severe disaster could have occurred in next few days, so the crew must vigil during the mission. Dt. 12/04/2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

2. NASA's Next human Mission (as mentioned in our earlier posts Dt. April 17, 2009) has20clearly facing a great threat to the lives of astronauts. NASA should be most careful towards both these missions, it has to be more cautious specially during mission launch.. Dt. 09/05/2009

NASA astronauts miss 40 tiles in heat shield inspection

Crew found four dings on 4 tiles in inspection early this week; new review set for Friday

By Sharon Gaudin

May 14, 2009 05:55 PM ET

Computerworld - NASA disclosed today that an investigation earlier this week that found multiple dings in the space shuttle Atlantis' heat shield must be restarted because about 40 tiles were missed.

The crew of the Atlantis had spent nine hours inspecting the heat shields on Tuesday. Using the shuttle's robotic arm, astronauts collected data and images of critical areas of the shuttle's thermal protection system, especially on the craft's nose and the edges of its wings. Part of a routine checkup after any shuttle launch, the inspection took up most of the crew's first full day in space.

A few hours after the inspection began, NASA announced that dings or scratches were found in some of the shuttle's outer tiles.

Scratches were found on the forward part of the shuttle's right wing, close to where it connects to the fuselage, according to NASA spokeswoman Katherine Trinidad. The damage, found on four different heat shield tiles, looks minor, but NASA will continue to investigate it.

The damage seems to be related to a debris impact that occurred about 104 seconds after the Atlantis lifted off Monday afternoon.

After today's spacewalk wrapped up late this afternoon, NASA announced that they have discovered that an area of the shuttle's heat shield had not been inspected at all. The area is below the forward thrusters on the vehicle's port nose.

This is possible win lost list of major candidates of Lok Sabha 2009 Polls...

Win / Lost List : (approx Margin)

Sonia Gandhi - Won - 75,000 .
LK Adwani - Won - 69,000
Sharad Panwar- Won - 39,000
Sushma Swaraj - Won - 2,05,000
Mamta Banerjee- Won - 1,10,100
Rajnath Singh - Won - 21,000
Dr. Satyanarayan Jatiya - Won - 60,000
Sumitra Mahajan - Won -1,30,000
Rahul Gandhi - Won - 55,000
Varun Gandhi - Won - 15,000
Lalu Prasad Yadav - 1 won - 13,000 1 lost - 3,000
Mulayam Sing - Won - 86,000
Jaswant Singh - Won - 15,000
Ramvilas Paswan - Lost - 11,000
Menka Gandhi - Won - 7,000
Buta Singh - Lost , Dushyant Singh - Lost

We had accept a 2500 K challenge by S.R.A.I. to prove forecasts are true (not forecasters)...

Also Sharad Yadav may be new the Home Minister of India with PM Mr. Advani...

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  1. It's a real shame this post of yours has gone without notice of anyone. I hope you have realised that your forecast has gone wrong by a huge margin. Not only did your prediction of PM and Home Minister go wrong by a very huge margin, but also your sheer indifference regarding the inability to adjust to this "new" reality that you could not have "forecasted" overcome you. I wonder if you actually keep some kind of record how many of your so-claimed "forecasts" actually come out to be true. Do share it online, if you may.