Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alert: Iran Nuke Test, Threat Indian to Politicians Proof: Altantis faces troubles...

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UPA is coming back to power again makes our predictions wrong, that we wanted to show that the election process in India should be made more transparent (the recent election of Parliament was conducted in the same way as done in third world countries and similar to elections conducted in Pakistan, Myanmar and Afghanistan). Crictics and their comments are always welcomed... list of proofs can be seen in proof tag...

Now Atlantis has again face troubles during repairs of Hubble telescope during mission STS-125 now its trying to land in second attempt (may be on today).

Now some important inputs which could change global scenarios...

1. Iran undergoes for a Nuclear Test soon (we will show the location soon). Dt. 19/05/2009

2. US and allies prepares for war with Iran. Dt. 19/05/2009

3. Severe Security threat to top Indian Politicial Leaders. Dt. 01/05/2009

4. US ground troops entered Pakistan. Dt. 04/05/2009

The plan to blow up New York Buildings was known to us on 11/05/2009 but not posted hence no credit to us ...

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