Monday, January 26, 2009

Alert : Air Disasters, Car Bombs, Hyderabad, Proof : Delhi saved at Noida...

Dear Friends,

As per our anticipation Dt. 13/01/2009 reg. possibility of minor terror attack in Delhi, 2 terrorist killed in an encounter with security forces in Noida on 25/01/2009. 2 A.K.-47 & 5 Grenades seized from them.

Recent indications received in last few days shows.

1. More air disasters likely to happen specially during taking off, a possibility of collision of air crafts with HT Transmission lines near airports exists. Dt. 25/01/2009

2. More terror indications , Hyderabad may face another 26/11 - 9/11. Dt. 26/01/2009

3. Car bombs can be used more frequently in India to perform terror acts ( Maruti Esteem type, not Maruti 800). Dt. 26/01/2009

4. Concurrent terror attacks are possible in India , where multiple organizations can attack various cities at the same time, it makes paralyze Indian counter terror capabilities. Dt. 26/01/2009

Republic Day greetings to all...

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