Friday, September 19, 2008

E'quack, Iran, US Forces, Chavez, Rajsthan Polls...

Dear Friends,

Some more forecasts for the world,

1. An Earthquake of significant magnitude above 6.5 on Richter scale may strike Sikkim / Bhutan / Tibet Region within next 30-40 days. Dt. 18/09/2008
2. US fleet moves towards some new destination (may be Iran). Dt. 19/09/2008
3. Threat to Mr. Hugo Chavez (The President of Venezuela) during his vacations. Dt. 19/09/2008
4. The Estimated Poll Results of Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2008
B.J.P. 130-135/200
Congress 50-55/200
Others 10-15/200
The B.J.P. Won the 2008 assembly polls by a heavy margin. Dt. 19/09/2008

As predicted in my previous blog Dt. 06/09/2008, the cyclonic rains stike the mentioned region. A satellite Image shown here as proof taken on 19/09/2008.

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